Happy Birthday to your cat and the best present you could ever give them.

As our feline friends get older, we like to celebrate their birthdays with them, pull out pictures of them when they were kittens and reminisce on their various antics. We like to give them a special prawn or salmon treat and give them more cuddles. But there is one present that you can give them that they would be eternally grateful for and it’s not something that they would put on their birthday list.

It is a trip to the vet! A consult with their family vet to examine them thoroughly, take blood and urine samples and a comprehensive analysis of how their organs are aging.

You might not know that cats as a species evolved to survive in deserts and dry landscapes. They became highly efficient at conserving water and relied mainly on their diet of birds and rodents to fulfill their moisture requirements. Fast forward to their lifestyle today and although their menu is now 5 star their kidneys still function in that survival mode. As cats age their kidneys are one of the first organs that may show signs of aging. There are several biochemical markers that we look at to see how well the kidney is functioning. With an analysis of the urine, at the same time we can determine the health of the kidneys. As a bonus by looking at the urine we can detect urinary tract infections which can make older cats feel lethargic and affect their quality of life.

The most important reason why detection of early-stage kidney disease is vital is that we now have many supportive diets and treatments to help aid the function of the kidneys and slow down the aging process.

Another disease that can affect older cats is overactive thyroid or hyperthyroid. It is a relatively common disease in which the thyroid produces excessive thyroid hormone and causes changes that range from being more vocal, restless, vomiting, diarrhoea, increased heart rate and weight loss.

It is easily diagnosed by a blood test and there are multiple treatment options to suit you and your cat’s lifestyle.

Chatswood Veterinary Clinic is offering Senior’s Program testing until December which allows you access to a discounted consultation, blood and urine testing.

Please phone reception on 02 9411 6547 or go to our website Chatswoodvet.com.au and book online.