Vet Dentistry

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Dental disease is common in animals; in fact it is now known that 80% of animals over the age of 3 have clinically significant dental disease.


A dental is a day procedure, and is done under general anaesthetic. We always take full mouth dental x-rays and thoroughly clean the teeth and gums. If problems are identified with specific teeth, we will then call you while your pet is under anaesthetic to discuss. Often we will then proceed with extraction of teeth if warranted and after your consent is given. At other times we will stage the procedure and arrange another day to deal with the problem teeth. When your pet goes home, we will review the dental x-rays with you and formulate a plan for ongoing care.
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Benefits of a dental procedure

Thoroughly clean (scale and polish) the teeth and below the gum line, to eliminate harmful calculus and bacteria
Slow down gum recession and loss of bone around the teeth, so your pet will keep their teeth for longer
Identify teeth of concern which may be a source of dental pain; these can be extracted if necessary or referred for advanced procedures such as a root canal
Better smelling breath!