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The best age to have your pet desexed is controversial (from 6 months to 1.5 years) and dependent on sex and breed; our vets are happy to help guide your decision as to the best age for your pet. 

Desexing is a day procedure. Your pet will be dropped off in the morning and have surgery under a general anaesthetic. They usually are ready to go home by mid-afternoon for some TLC! The stitches are then removed 10 days later at the vet clinic, at a free follow up visit. 


Benefits of desexing

Group 812

Female animals


Prevents unwanted pregnancies


Prevents estrus cycles, which can be difficult to management in the home


Eliminates the risk of uterine and ovarian cancer and lessens the risk of mammary cancer


Eliminates the risk of pyometra (an infected uterus), which is common in aged entire female dogs.

Group 811
Male animals

Prevents unwanted pregnancies


Reduce aggressive or roaming tendencies


Eliminates the risk of testicular cancer and some prostatic diseases


Lessens or eliminates scent marking behaviour

At Chatswood Veterinary Clinic, our approach to veterinary care distinguishes us from others through several key practices:

Personalized Consultation

Prior to any surgical procedure, a veterinary surgeon will have a consultation with both you and your pet. This allows us to discuss the procedure in detail, address any concerns you may have, and ensure that you are fully informed and comfortable with the process.

Comprehensive Preoperative Assessment

We prioritize the safety and well-being of your pet by conducting pre-anesthetic blood tests. These tests help maximize safety during surgery and can detect any underlying health conditions that may affect the procedure.

Interoperative Monitoring

While your pet is under general anesthesia, they receive intravenous fluids and undergo extensive monitoring of vital signs such as heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. This monitoring is performed by qualified veterinary nurses to ensure your pet’s stability throughout the procedure.

Experienced Veterinary Surgeons

Our team consists of experienced veterinary surgeons who can perform surgeries efficiently while minimizing surgical trauma. Their expertise ensures that your pet receives high-quality care with reduced risk.

Pain Management

We prioritize your pet’s comfort by providing pre- and post-operative pain relief. This helps alleviate discomfort and promotes a smoother recovery process.

Postoperative Care and Support

After the surgery, your pet will receive a free post-operative consultation. Additionally, there is no charge for suture removal if required. We also offer nutritional advice during the post-operative check to support your pet’s overall health and well-being.

Our commitment to gold standard veterinary care sets us apart, as we strive to provide comprehensive and compassionate services tailored to the individual needs of each pet and their owner.