We are delighted to introduce Mayuka, our exceptional lead groomer at Daisy’s Dog Parlour. With an impressive 20 years of dog grooming experience, Mayuka brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our grooming services.

Educational Background: Mayuka’s journey in dog grooming started with a solid foundation. She graduated from a 3-year technical college, where she studied dog grooming, vet nursing, and dog training. This comprehensive education equipped her with the skills needed to excel in the industry.

Professional Experience: Mayuka’s passion for animals led her to work at two vet clinics in Japan, where she honed her skills as both a vet nurse and a dog groomer. After relocating to Sydney, she continued her career, contributing over 10 years to several grooming salons in the city.

Attention to Detail and Personalized Care: What sets Mayuka apart is her keen attention to grooming details. More importantly, she focuses on creating styles that align with each dog’s lifestyle and quality of life (QOL), drawing on her extensive knowledge of vet nursing. She understands that every dog is unique and tailors her grooming techniques accordingly.

Versatile Grooming Styles: Mayuka specializes in crafting short haircuts, ideal for active Sydney dogs and warm weather. However, her expertise extends to scissor grooming for stylish clips, ensuring that your pet looks their best.

Passions Beyond Grooming: Outside of her grooming talents, Mayuka is a woman of diverse interests. She was previously addicted to scuba diving and snowboarding in Japan. Since moving to Australia, she has embraced the outdoors through activities like yoga, cycling, and bushwalking. Currently, her busy schedule revolves around her delightful two-year-old, a little bundle of energy.

At Daisy’s Dog Parlour, Mayuka’s dedication to the well-being and happiness of your pets shines through. Experience the difference of a groomer who truly understands the art and science of pet care. Book an appointment today and let Mayuka pamper your furry companions with love and expertise.